Female artist held over sending 3D data on genitals


A female artist has been arrested on suspicion of distributing data that could be used to reproduce her genitals with a 3-D printer, Tokyo police said Monday.

The suspect, identified as Megumi Igarashi, 42, a resident of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, works under the name Rokudenashi-ko (“No-good Girl”).

Igarashi is suspected of selling the data over the Internet to a 30-year-old male company employee in Kagawa Prefecture in March.

She has so far raised some ¥1 million from various recipients of the 3-D data to fund the construction of a boat that looks like female genitalia, police sources said.

Igarashi told investigators she did not send any pictures of female genitalia and that she does not consider the 3-D data to be obscene material, the sources said.

  • jim cowan

    Meanwhile Gaza is getting bombed to hell. What harm is this woman doing ? Why is it that governing bodies get in a lather over sex and yet ignore the larger issues of our time ? Do they think that if we hide vaginas they’ll go away ? Do they not consider that that was entrance to the world for all of us ?

  • GBR48

    Given that Japan has the most open adult entertainment industry in the entire first world, sells the weirdest adult products on the planet and has a refreshingly non-prudish attitude towards matters carnal, this beggars belief. I’m sure all of Japan’s many current stalking victims would love that level of attention from the police.

    Whoever controls the police in Japan (if indeed anyone does) might want to have a word about not doing anything that is going to go viral, globally on social media and make them look like complete idiots.

    Can the ‘Japan Times’ promise us that they’ll feature Megumi Igarashi’s boat when it’s finished? A giant floating vagina produced through crowd-sourced funding isn’t something you see every day and I don’t want to miss it.

    Free Megumi!