Egypt is back on track toward stability, ambassador assures Japan


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Hisham El-Zimaity, the Egyptian ambassador to Japan since 2011, expressed hope in changing Japanese people’s “negative” view of his country into a much more “forthcoming” one, now that Egypt is striving to restore economic and social stability following the recent turmoil.

Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, the former head of Egypt’s army, became president in early June, ousting Mohammed Morsi from power following mass demonstrations.

El-Zimaity said that there are two issues of prime importance to el-Sisi’s government: protecting women and stabilizing the economy.

Citing the Muslim Brotherhood’s attack on a young mother during the celebration after el-Sisi’s election victory, El-Zimaity said protecting women is highly important.

“Women should be free again to walk anytime they wish to in a public place, without being harassed or (sexually) abused,” he stressed.

El-Zimaity also touched on the strong bilateral ties between the Middle Eastern country and Japan that go back 152 years, and praised Japanese support in the education and technology fields in recent years.

Today, two symbolic projects are under way, he said. Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, which opened in 2010 with support from the Japanese government and 12 Japanese universities, is scheduled to open a new campus near Alexandria next year, and the Grand Egyptian Museum, an ambitious complex being developed with financial support from Japan.

The museum, located near the Giza pyramids, will include a center for restoring ancient Egyptian artifacts from cloth and copper to wood and mummies using Japanese technology. It also has a database established with Japanese assistance that keeps records of each treasure’s historical background. El-Zimaity, citing a significant decline in Japanese tourists to Egypt, said the country is eager to build those numbers back up. Egypt is now “secure, stable, and life is back to normal,” he said.

Prior to his posting in Japan, El-Zimaity was ambassador to Pakistan, Slovenia and Hungary

  • AA

    You’re liar and remember after the coup finished you’ll see

  • Anti coup

    That is not true, you are a big liar, and this person is one of the biggest supporters to the bloody coup in Egypt. This accident isn’t related to Muslim brotherhood and the coup leaders now can’t protect neither people nor Egypt.

    I want all of you to see this video and think is it related also to Muslim brotherhood?

    This person and also coup leaders want to fake all the western countries that everything bad is from Muslim brotherhood ….. ALL THE REAL EGYPTIANS against coup

    Military coup down down …. Stop killing Egyptian people

  • Ahmed Hegab

    So disappointing propaganda-style news coverage. I tried to find anyway to contact to
    Mami Maruko, writer of this biased facts-twisting news but I could not
    so I have to write it here. It would be much better if you even hinted
    to the OTHER opinion regarding what happened and is happening right now
    in Egypt. If you just checked web sites of some human rights
    organizations, national or international, just Google Amnesty
    International and Egypt, to see what steps Mr. Sisi and his appointed
    president and government had taken to ensure stability. Killing
    hundreds, imprisoning tens of thousands and sentencing more hundreds to
    death are few steps to mention. Would Japanese government and people be
    welling to help in that? Ms. Mami
    Maruko herself seems to be fine with that as she intentionally covered
    it up, but I have no doubt that many other Japanese would not, if JT
    gave them the chance to know the truth, instead of publishing this kind
    of propaganda.