Tokyo top for tourist joy in 2013, survey says


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Tokyo was the world’s most satisfying tourist city in 2013, a survey conducted by a travel information website found.

The Japanese arm of the U.S. travel recommendation site TripAdvisor announced Tuesday that Tokyo came first for “overall satisfaction” in its city survey, which was based on online reviews by 54,000 travelers throughout 2013.

The survey of 37 major world cities showed New York City came in second and Barcelona third in terms of travelers’ overall satisfaction, followed by Istanbul, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Paris and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Tourists were asked to respond on a 0-10 point scale to 16 questions covering topics such as access to transportation, how welcoming local residents were, how satisfying attractions were, and how good their hotels were.

Tokyo came on top in five sections — local friendliness, taxi services, cleanliness, transport and overall satisfaction.

Japan’s capital made it to the top 10 in another eight items, including taxi drivers’ friendliness (second), restaurants (third), shopping (fifth) and suitability for families (eighth).

However, Tokyo was ranked relatively low in terms of cultural attractions (11th), sightseeing and activities (13th) and cost-effectiveness (20th).

“(Tokyo) needs to spread its tourism resources to better convey Japan’s unique culture to guests” if it wants to raise the city’s relatively low rankings in some categories, the firm said.

The most cost-effective city was Budapest, followed by Lisbon, Hanoi, Prague and Bangkok. The top five cities for sightseeing and activities were Rome, New York, Paris, London and Istanbul. Rome was also first in terms of cultural attractions, followed by Vienna, Paris, Athens and Istanbul.

  • JTCommentor

    The tweet linking to this says “Tokyo tops Japanese TripAdvisor’s list of most satisfying tourist cities in 2013”. Its not obvious from the text, but is this Japanese people rating? If so, thats hilarious. I can just see a bunch of proud Tokyo people jumping online to give themselves a pat on the back for Tokyo.

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  • Seri Park

    As a non-Japanese Asian who has been to Japan many times, I’d have to disagree