People who want to work for a nonprofit organization will have a chance Saturday to learn firsthand what the job entails at the NPO Shigoto Forum 2014 in Tokyo, a job fair focusing on nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations.

"It seems NPOs are better organized now, and that has allowed them to hire more staff," said Toshihiko Izawa, a staff member of the organizer, NPO Support Center.

"There are also more people seeking to work for NPOs for a salary as more people learn that NPOs offer job options, not just volunteer work," he said, adding that the Internet has helped spread the word.

Izawa said the number of visitors to the annual job fair grew from some 300 when it started in 2011 to around 500 last year.

The event will feature some 30 groups active in such areas as international cooperation, environmental protection and social welfare. They are mainly seeking people in their 20s and 30s.

Visitors will be able to talk directly with representatives of NPOs that are seeking to hire.

"This is not just a job fair for those who have already decided to seek a job at an NPO," Izawa said. "It's also for people who may only have slight interest in NPOs because the seminars will give the idea of what NPOs are.

"By participating in this event, you'll have an opportunity to meet potential employers, and listen to insiders giving information related to NPOs as well as get job-hunting tips," he said.

NPOs seeking new employees will set up booths and representatives will talk to visitors. There will also be seminars on the theme of "What it means to 'work' for an NPO."

Organizations and companies supporting the event will also hold information seminars.