Child-care leave ups evaluation ante at agency


The Consumer Affairs Agency has introduced a unique system of child care leave that gives positive evaluations to employees who take such leave, as well as to their supervisors and colleagues who assist them, sources said.

The move is intended to establish a model program for striking a better work-life balance, the sources said, adding that five employees have taken the leave so far.

Labor issue experts said such a system is very rare in either the public or private sectors.

Agency head Masako Mori, who doubles as state minister in charge of the declining birthrate, has decided to revise the entity’s personnel evaluation system for promotions and pay raises, the sources said.

Male employees of the agency who accompany their wives at the time they give birth can take up to two paid days off. Those with children aged up to 1 also can take a paid 30-minute break twice a day for purposes such as breast-feeding and trips to and from nurseries.

Those who have taken the leave are asked to detail its effect on their work in reports to be submitted twice a year. The content of these reports will be reflected in evaluations for promotions and pay increases.

  • blimp

    two days off in connection with the delivery! wow, that is so generous……not. i can’t understand how is possible to so miserable fail in promoting a good environment for couples to have children.