Man, 79, strung on for ¥400 million


A 77-year-old woman has been ordered by the Shizuoka District Court to pay ¥400 million in damages to a 79-year-old man who said he was tricked into lending her that amount of money over a 12-year period, it was learned Wednesday.

Presiding Judge Akira Adachi ruled Tuesday that the woman “used her sexual charm by bathing with the plaintiff at hotels and lured him to become close with her and borrowed money without having any will or ability to pay him back.”

Based on the man’s diary, the court also denied the woman’s claim that she had only met him twice.

Before suing the woman, the man lent her money on 139 occasions between June 2000 and July 2012, the court found.

To come up with the money, the plaintiff sold property he had inherited and borrowed money from relatives.

The woman used the money to purchase luxury items, including an expensive car and an apartment, the court said.

The man began dating the woman in June 2000 when she started living in a room in an apartment that he owned. She started asking him for loans for various reasons, including that she desperately needed money to pay off a debt to another man who was threatening to force her to marry him if she couldn’t come up with the funds.