Police are alerted after handgun disappears off desk at Camp Zama


A pistol has been reported missing at the U.S. Army’s Camp Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture, police said Thursday.

According to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, a report from the U.S. Army indicates the revolver, which was not loaded, might not even be on the grounds anymore.

It said a U.S. Army serviceman left the pistol on a desk Monday afternoon and found the weapon missing two hours later, the police said.

The Kanagawa police have sent information on the missing gun to other police departments across the nation.

U.S. teen held in arson


Police plan to serve a fresh arrest warrant on an American teenager suspected of setting a shrine on fire earlier this month in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture, investigative sources said.

The 15-year-old suspect, whose father reportedly works at Camp Zama, told investigators he was frustrated with the small home his family recently moved into.

The teen, whose name was withheld because he is a minor, was arrested March 8 in connection with a string of arson cases in the area that included the shrine, which was heavily damaged.

The other fires ended up burning down six houses.