Rider hurt in Disney safety glitch


A 34-year-old man sustained a minor injury at Tokyo DisneySea while trying to get off a roller coaster that took off with his safety bar up, police said Tuesday.

It is the first time that a rider has been injured on an amusement attraction at Tokyo DisneySea or Disneyland, according to their operator, Oriental Land Co.

The accident occurred on the Raging Spirits high-speed coaster at around 4 p.m. Monday when the man moved his right leg out of his tram and onto the boarding platform out of fear when the ride took off without the shoulder bar on his seat properly secured, the police said.

He sustained a minor injury when his leg was dragged about 2 meters on the platform.

The eight other people in the linked trams were uninjured, according to the police.

Passengers are required to pull down the shoulder bars by themselves while staff push down the bars for empty seats and lock them before the roller coaster leaves the starting area.

But just before the incident occurred, one of the employees temporarily unlocked the safety bars, finding a bar on one of the empty seats still up, the police said. The police believe the bar on the man’s seat also went up with the unlocking as he failed to hold onto it.

On Tuesday, Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland opened at 9 a.m. as usual, after Oriental Land ordered staff to conduct safety inspections. The operator said it will suspend the ride until its safety is confirmed.