Tiger fugu lunker caught off Yamaguchi


An unusually big tiger puffer fish, weighing 6.1 kg, was caught Monday in the Seto Inland Sea, Yamaguchi Prefecture’s fisheries research center said Wednesday.

The 66-cm “tora” fugu was caught in a fishing net around 500 meters off the coast of Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The female had been released into the sea about 10 years ago.

The puffer fish had around 3 million eggs in her belly, which measured 22 cm wide and was the thickest part of her body. Its edible parts weighed around 3 kg and could feed over 30 people if served as sashimi, the research center said.

A researcher at the center said the fish may be one of the largest of its kind farmed and released into the sea.

Fugu have been a Japanese delicacy for centuries, and tora-fugu is considered the best .The ovaries and liver of tora fugu contain a powerful neurotoxin, and only licensed chefs are allowed to prepare the fish.