July attack on police website originated in China


More than 90 percent of attacks July 10 on the National Police Agency’s website originated from Chinese Internet Protocol addresses and Beijing has been asked to investigate, the agency said Friday.

While there was no data breach, access to the website was temporarily interrupted from the night of July 10 through the early hours of July 11, when the apparent number of users accessing it surged to about 20 times the normal level, the agency said.

The NPA had previously determined that similar attacks on its website last September were mostly linked to Chinese IP addresses.

The agency has asked China — via Interpol — to investigate the attack after instructions were found posted on a Chinese Internet message board calling for the NPA website to be hacked.

The posting also referred to an incident in which Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets were scrambled in response to a Chinese reconnaissance plane spotted flying near the disputed Senkaku Islands, which are administered by Japan but claimed by China and are a constant source of friction.

The message board had posts calling for the websites of Japan’s Defense and Finance ministries to be targeted.

The Finance Ministry’s website was attacked on the night of July 12, resulting in an interruption to site access.

The number of apparent users accessing the Defense Ministry’s website surged July 9 but did not disrupt access to the site, the agency said.