Shimizu-made high-rise found faulty; work halted

Kyodo News

A 45-story condominium building under construction in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, is lacking 128 reinforcing steel beams due to faulty work by major general contractor Shimizu Corp., city officials said Wednesday.

Construction of The Towers West Premier Residence at a redevelopment district in front of JR Ichikawa Station has been suspended at the 30th floor, the officials said.

A city official blamed “blunders in the construction stage” by Shimizu because no problems were found in a mandatory performance inspection at the design stage.

A Shimizu spokesman said the company has begun checking several thousand of its buildings currently under construction.

The defect was detected Oct. 11 when the building was inspected by an agent specializing in voluntary fee-based assessments of earthquake protection, energy-saving and other standards stipulated by the government so that sellers can receive official performance status to get such benefits as preferential housing loan rates.

Shimizu officials said a company in charge of the steel beams mistakenly used only 21 beams per column for 64 columns from the 25th to 30th floors instead of 22 beams necessary under the design because only 20 beams were necessary for all other columns.

Shimizu also failed to check and detect the mistake, they said, adding that it will take necessary reinforcement steps.