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An exhibition depicting the devastation caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki opened Friday at a national historical museum in St. Petersburg.

At the opening ceremony, attended by a 25-member delegation from Nagasaki, Sueko Motoyama, 70, delivered a speech on behalf of those whose lives were forever changed by the bombing. She related her own experience of the bombing, which occurred when she was just 14.

On display are about 500 items, such as a bottle warped from the intense heat generated by the bomb and a series of pictures, the organizers said.

The exhibition marks the second permanent showcase overseas of the Nagasaki bombing. The other is at U.N. headquarters in New York.

Civic exchanges have continued between Nagasaki and St. Petersburg as the two cities share a history of horrific war experiences.

About 800,000 people died during the 900-day siege by Germans at St. Petersburg, formerly Leningrad, during World War II.

About 74,000 people were killed in Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945, by the A-bomb dropped by the United States. Nagasaki is one of only two cities in the world that have faced nuclear attack, the other being Hiroshima.

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