Ten telecommunications carriers affiliated with power companies have formed an alliance on business strategies and infrastructure, top executives of the carriers announced Wednesday.

The alliance, named Power Nets Japan, is aimed at helping the carriers cope with the rapidly changing telecommunications industry and intensifying competition, according to Katsumi Iwasaki, president of Tokyo Telecommunication Network Co., a member of the alliance.

“Although we currently work together, our strategy is not necessarily unified,” Iwasaki said. “It is essential for us to increase our cooperation. … We will draw up a strategy together and each of us will implement it.”

The core companies of the alliance are TTNet, Chubu Telecommunications Co. and Osaka Media Port Corp. Members within the alliance are already joining forces in the fields of marketing and private circuit services by linking their regional networks.

The member firms will cooperate on building a high-speed backbone network across the country and developing technology and new services, such as Internet telephoning, the executives said.

Iwasaki also said the alliance may evolve into a higher form of cooperation, such as a merger or a holding company.

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