An extraordinarily large typhoon was nearing the Okinawa Islands late Aug. 14, the Meteorological Agency said. The storm was forecast to reach seas south-southeast of Minami-Daitoshima Island Aug. 15 and bring strong winds to the main island of Okinawa early Aug. 16, the agency said.

Wind speeds could reach 90 kph or stronger when the typhoon reaches the main island, the agency said.

Typhoon No. 13 was also expected to generate waves topping 3 meters off the Pacific coasts from the Kanto region to Kyushu Aug. 15, the agency said, cautioning residents and mariners in those areas. The typhoon was moving northwest at a speed of 15 kph over seas east-northeast of Okinotorishima Island as of Aug. 14 afternoon.

According to the weather agency, the typhoon was packing winds with a maximum velocity of 160 kph with a pressure reaching 930 hectopascals at its center.

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