TSUNEISHI C VALUES sent its first shipment of recycled automobile parts to Myanmar


03/28/2018 6:00 pm

TSUNEISHI C VALUES CORPORATION (HQ: 2488-9, Notohara, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan; President: Shinji Watadani; hereafter, “TCV”) sent its first shipment of recycled automobile parts to Myanmar on March 6th.

Myanmar has seen a sharp increase in used car imports from Japan since it liberalized import rules in 2012, and consequently there is now a growing demand for recycled Japanese auto parts. TCV has met this trend by sending its first shipment of 70 used engines in good condition from the company’s recycling plant to Myanmar as a new export destination in addition to major ones such as Dubai, Malaysia, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

Using this new trading route as a foothold, TCV aims to expand its sales channels for recycled parts beyond Myanmar to include the entire ASEAN region.

TCV provides total support for the entire life of cars, from ensuring a stable supply of energy to operating service stations and centers for sales and servicing of new and used cars, with 100% recycling and resource recovery of used parts, plus car insurance as well. Also, TCV is developing energy-related businesses, such as gas sales and sales and installation of solar power generation systems for both industrial and residential applications.

URL: http://www.tsuneishi-cv.jp/
President: Shinji Watadani
– Total support to car life
Service Station (SS) operation, wholesaler of petroleum products and SS management support, sales of new and used cars, insurance agency, vehicle leasing, car recycling, import/export sales of used automobile parts, sales of EVs, etc.
– Stable supply of home energy
Retail sales of electricity, solar panel installation, gas sales, etc.
Founded:May, 1952
Capital: 100 million JPY

Energy bsiness-related Affiliates:
TCV PARAGUAY S.A (Villeta, Paraguay)
TSUNEISHI EV LABO CORPORATION (Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan)News2u.net