Noodle Stand Tokyo's Golden Wagyu Ramen is not for the faint of heart.

It's presented in a shallow black bowl, easily big enough for two people. The custom-made noodles are completely buried under a whopping 300 grams of A5-grade wagyu — 200 grams of thinly sliced, rare Saga beef, 100 grams of Miyazaki beef sukiyaki — a jammy Okukuji egg from Hitachi Farm; sauteed asparagus; honkatsuo ("true dried" skipjack tuna flakes); truffle oil; and, as if that wasn't "extra" enough, flakes of gold leaf, which quiver gently in the heat of the wagyu tail broth. To the side, there's a spoon heaped with foie gras, kabosu citrus and a wooden masu box of fermented chili paste add-ins.