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深沢祐二社長は「防犯カメラ増設など対策を進めてきたが、残念ながら被害は減っていない。次の手として実験する」と話した。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

JR東日本(ひがしにほん) East Japan Railway

4日 (よっか) the 4th

電車内 (でんしゃない) inside a train car

痴漢(ちかん)に遭(あ)う to encounter a molester (to be molested)

被害者 (ひがいしゃ) victim

スマートフォン smartphone

専用(せんよう)アプリ special-purpose app

~から … に from~ to …

車掌 (しゃしょう) conductor

通報(つうほう)する to dispatch, notify

新(あら)たな new

システム system

実証実験 (じっしょうじっけん) trials, demonstrative experiment

乗(の)り出(だ)す to embark on, launch

発表(はっぴょう)する to announce

タブレット端末(たんまつ) tablet terminal

確認(かくにん)する to confirm

放送 (ほうそう) announcement

注意(ちゅうい)を呼(よ)び掛(か)ける to call attention to

2月 (にがつ) February

下旬 (げじゅん) end of the month

~から from ~

埼京線 (さいきょうせん) Saikyo Line

大宮 (おおみや) Omiya

新宿 (しんじゅく) Shinjuku

大宮(おおみや)—新宿間(しんじゅくかん) the area between Omiya and Shinjuku

始(はじ)める to start

混雑(こんざつ)した to be congested

被害 (ひがい) harm, damage

即座(そくざ)に immediately

周囲 (しゅうい) periphery, surroundings

乗客 (じょうきゃく) passengers

発生情報 (はっせいじょうほう) incident notification

~情報(じょうほう)を伝(つた)えることで by conveying information to~

犯人 (はんにん) perpetrator, criminal

抑止効果 (よくしこうか) deterrent effect

~とする狙(ねら)い attempt to~

適切(てきせつ)な pertinent

アナウンス announcement

内容 (ないよう) content

安定性 (あんていせい) stability

など and others

検証(けんしょう)する to check

導入 (どうにゅう) introduction, importation

時期 (じき) time period

詰(つ)める to shorten, pack; but in this case it is used to mean “discuss details thoroughly”

深沢祐二 (ふかさわゆうじ) Yuji Fukasawa

社長 (しゃちょう) company president

防犯(ぼうはん)カメラ security camera

増設 (ぞうせつ) increase, extension

対策 (たいさく) countermeasure

進(すす)める to implement, move something forward

残念(ざんねん)ながら unfortunately

減(へ)る to decrease

次(つぎ)の手(て) next move

話(はな)す to say

Quick questions

1) 新システムは電車内の痴漢をどのように抑止しますか?

2) システム導入前に何が行われますか?

3) JR東日本はこれまでどのような痴漢対策を進めてきましたか?


East Japan Railway Co. announced on the 4th that it will launch trials of a new system in which victims who encounter molesters on trains can notify the conductor from a special-purpose app on their smartphones. The conductor who confirms the notification from a tablet terminal then makes an announcement to call attention (to the incident). The trials will start late February on the JR Saikyo Line (between Shinjuku and Omiya stations).

The new system will immediately send notifications of harm in congested train cars, conveying incident notices to surrounding passengers in an attempt to have a deterrent effect on perpetrators. Through trials, pertinent content for announcements, the application’s stability and so on will be verified, and the timing of its introduction will be discussed further in detail.

JR East President Yuji Fukasawa said, “We have moved ahead with countermeasures (against molestation) such as increasing security cameras, but unfortunately there was no decrease in injury. This experiment is our next step.”


1) How does the new system deter molestation on trains?


The victim on the train notifies the conductor via a special-purpose smartphone app and the conductor makes an announcement to inform other passengers.

2) What will be conducted before the introduction of the system?


Trials to determine pertinent content for the announcement and to check the stability of the app.

3) What kind of countermeasures against molesters has East Japan Railway implemented so far?


It increased security cameras and so on.

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