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No need to 'disrupt' the potato chip, there's no improving this classic snack

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

The potato chip doesn’t need to be “disrupted.” It’s as perfect a snack one could imagine. Yet, just like their tech counterparts in Silicon Valley, Japanese snack makers continue to tinker away at it.

Oyatsu Company believes it has solved a common chip-related problem facing the masses with its “Pota Suma” line. These snacks (¥130 before tax) claim to deliver the same great potato-y taste without fear of greasy hands, meaning you can still use your smartphone safely (hence the brand name). There’s definitely some benefit … but the flavor is lacking overall. Get the hot chili over the salt to taste, well, anything.

For those of you who wish you could get your potato chip a little sweeter, Fujiya’s Chip Star has the solution with Chip Star Chocolate, a crunchy sweet coated in tiny chip bits for extra texture. Available in a cup (¥216 after tax) or a smaller pack (¥162 after tax), they’ve got a nice chocolate flavor … and not much reminiscent of a potato chip. Thankfully, the old standard still reigns supreme.

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