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Fujiya's Yume-iro Rainbow Cake is an Instagram feed's dream come true

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

The boom in Instagram-friendly food has resulted in a lot of colorful creations that taste like sugary garbage. These intricate confections might look good on the feed, but they certainly leave folks wanting more on the flavor front.

Sweets chain Fujiya might have come closest to finding a balance with its Yume-iro (“dream-colored”) Rainbow Cake. Each slice (¥480 with tax included) is made up of five layers — each a different flavor — running through a farm’s worth of different fruits and topped off with a lovely ramune lemon soda-flavored layer. Between each is a line of cream keeping them separated.

It looks pretty good, and it matches in the taste department. Not every layer is a winner — the banana section sticks out sorely — but the majority work well, especially with the cream. Highlights include the aforementioned ramune, along with the blueberry and melon layers further down the cake.

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