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Sometimes more is more: Seven-Eleven's layered parfait delivers the fall flavors

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Sometimes convenience store desserts are made overly adventurous. A small cup is loaded with too many flavors, and the wrong things stand out at the wrong time. Simplicity can be a virtue, especially in the konbini hustle. But Seven-Eleven doesn’t subscribe to this belief.

To welcome the fall, the company has released a new parfait that gathers a mess of seasonal flavors in one cup. Its main selling point is the combination of a fall staple, chestnut, with the more traditional hōjicha (roasted green tea). A few other sweets and some cream are mixed in to create a dessert (¥297 after tax) that boasts … a lot. It looks great on the shelf, but the real questions is: Does it strike a balance of flavors?

It does! And manages to do what many exercises in konbini maximalism don’t; it pulls off a coup of tastes, primarily thanks to how it is layered. The Mont Blanc is at the top, and greets the eater with a rush of sweetness. Yet further down is a layer of hōjicha jelly, which switches everything up and ends the treat on a more subtle note. It’s only around for a limited time so is definitely worth a try, because who knows when something this well done will come back round again.

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