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Caramel Chocolate Cookies: Worth the trip to Haneda Airport

by Patrick St. Michel

Special To The Japan Times

The airport might not be the first place you think of when craving sweets. Yet all those souvenir stores dotting the concourse conceal some truly tasty treats. It might not be socially acceptable to tear in to a box of individually wrapped goods, but you can always save some for when you get to your destination.

Haneda Airport recently added a new dessert store in their (must-visit for regular readers of this space) Star Sweets area in the domestic terminal. Even better, it boasts a Halloween-appropriate theme. Caramel Ghost House sells a variety of dessert items featuring a healthy dose of caramel, ranging from small bars to cakes featuring apples.

A good go-to is Caramel Ghost House’s Caramel Chocolate Cookies (¥810 for five pieces, ¥1,620 for 10 and ¥2,430 for 15). These sandwich cookies find a good balance between caramel and chocolate flavors. They are solid, offering a nice blend of tastes without going overboard on the sweetness, and come complete with a nice crunch. Maybe not worth busting out on the flight, but a good choice next time the office needs some snacks.