Through Aug. 31 Grand Hyatt Tokyo is pleased to be offering delicious summertime sweets.

Guests can enjoy a peaceful and refreshing time at four of the hotel's dining and drinking spaces. The Keyakizaka restaurant offers Ishigakijima Island mango, frozen with nitrogen, at minus 196 degrees (¥1,550); the Oak Door steakhouse offers two new ice cream "hamburgers," with a raspberry ice burger made of fresh strawberry and raspberry ice cream and a chocolate ice burger made of mango and Muscat grape ice cream, each finished with custard and whipped cream (¥2,200 each). The Oak Door Bar offers three types of milkshakes (two with alcohol and one without), including strawberry-banana with marshmallows and strawberry sauce (¥1,550), matcha with whisky, liqueur, soymilk, marshmallows, Pocky, brownie and cream (¥1,800), and acai with fresh strawberries, blueberries, fresh cream and cassis liqueur (¥2,000).

Additionally, at China Room, an exotic eight-layered Chinese parfait that includes fresh mango, pudding, almond jelly, granola and strawberry sauce jelly is available for ¥1,800.