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Sakekasu Soft Ice Cream: A divine combination for the summer

by Asuka Ichikawa

Special To The Japan Times

Along with the resurgence of sake, it’s no surprise that there has also been steady interest in amazake, the sweetened alcoholic beverage made from sakekasu, the lees of sake production, which is known for being nutritious as it contains vitamins, protein, organic acids, fiber and more. Although it’s usually served hot, a sake brewer has found a way to enjoy amazake in frozen form — just in time for Japan’s intolerably humid summer.

The Sakekasu Soft Ice Cream from Fukumitsuya sake brewery might be the perfect summer delicacy. Who would have imagined that milk and sakekasu could make for such a graceful marriage? The flavors complement each other from the moment the creamy texture and rich aroma hit your palate. The treat comes in two flavors: ginger or three-year-old mirin (sweetened rice liquor) syrup.

Founded in 1625, Fukumitsuya is one of the oldest sake breweries in Kanazawa, though the treat can also be bought in Tokyo. It is safe for children to enjoy and is available for ¥360 at Sake Shop Fukumitsuya’s Marunouchi and Tamagawa locations, and ¥450 at the Fukumitsuya Higashi store in Ishikawa Prefecture.

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