Shibuya Parco gets ready for a rebirth

Tokyo's famous Shibuya Parco shopping mall will be closing for a planned three years from Aug. 7, but not before its lauded museum of pop culture puts on a series of three attendance-worthy exhibitions for shoppers to check out after perusing fashion goods.

The first is the work of popular photographer and "Sakuran" film director Mika Ninagawa, whose "In My Room" series features celebrity boys in high-fashion duds as they let down their guard for her camera lens (June 18-July 4, ¥500). The second is "Hyper! Harumi Gals!!" by Harumi Yamaguchi, an airbrush illustrator who was a catalyst for women in the Japanese advertising industry during the 1970s and '80s, and a longtime collaborator on Parco's early ads (July 6-25, ¥500).