A frozen cocktail may quench your thirst and a serving of unagi (eel) will give you the energy you need to fight summer fatigue, but only a scary ghost story will bring a shiver down your spine and leave you cold for the rest of the evening.

One of the latest additions to the Tokyo bar scene that is sure to raise goose bumps is Thriller Night in Roppongi, which originated in Sapporo in 2011 as Japan's first ghost-story bar. The Roppongi branch, in a space that had previously been a shady bar hidden in the back of the Roi Building that played 1970s and '80s music, looks like the haunted house at a carnival. Severed heads and spider webs hang from the ceiling, skulls and gargoyles line a shelf behind the bar, and lucky — or unlucky — customers may find themselves seated next to a rotting corpse.

In severe contrast to the creepy decor is Carly Jae Repsen's "Call Me Maybe" blaring from the speakers, reminding you that you're still in Roppongi.