At last — the PS Vita TV is here

If you’ve always wanted to play the PlayStation Vita on your television, well, starting this month, you finally can. Dubbed PS Vita TV, this little console lets you do just that — and so much more.

PS Vita TV fits in the palm of your hand, is hooked up to your television and takes PS Vita cartridges. Simply pop in a cartridge, and play using a PlayStation 3 controller.

What makes this micro-console truly interesting is that once the PS4 is released in Japan next February, the PS Vita TV will also allow PlayStation 4 streaming and remote play to any television in your home. For example, you can connect the PS Vita TV to a television that isn’t hooked up to your PS4 and then stream PS4 games, as well as paid video services, to that TV. Just think how many living-room arguments this will prevent.

Priced at ¥9,480, the PS Vita TV will go on sale Nov. 14.


Lightning is ready to strike again

Lightning is back! The protagonist of “Final Fantasy XIII” and its sequel “Final Fantasy XIII-2” returns for the final game in the “FFXIII” trilogy and another installment in her saga.

The world is to end in 13 days, leaving it up to Lightning to save humanity. To amp up the tension, there’s a doomsday clock that counts down the minutes to the epic climax.

The story isn’t the only draw, though: “Lightning Returns” has a sprawling world for players to explore. And if they tire of walking (or running), they can take the in-game monorail to destinations. Players can also unlock and download new Lightning costumes (you gotta look good for an event as momentous as the end of the world), which also give the heroine enhanced abilities.

“Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” will be out Nov. 21 for PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The PS3 package version is priced at ¥7,400, while the Xbox 360 package is ¥7,770. Both download versions are ¥7,000. .


No-brainer for ‘Puzzle & Dragons’

“Puzzle & Dragons,” the popular role-playing game with, of course, both puzzle games and dragons, is getting a pair of collectible figurines. For ¥4,200 each, and at around 11 cm tall, models of characters Meteor Volcano Dragon and Graviton Earth Dragon are now available to fans. But what’s more fascinating than these powerful dragons is the game itself.

“Puzzle & Dragons” boasts a mind-boggling 14 million players in Japan, which is more than 10 percent of the entire country’s population. This is not just one of the biggest Japanese games of the year, it’s one of the biggest games ever. It’s almost puzzling that it hasn’t had figurines before.

The “Puzzle & Dragons” figurines were released on Sept. 29.


Mario and Luigi’s remote influence

Everyone’s favorite plumbers are getting their own Wii Remotes. Nintendo is releasing Mario- and Luigi-emblazoned Wii Remote Plus controllers in iconic red and green. The character’s initials, just like those on their hats, appear on the controllers’ speakers, while other cute touches take on more of the characters’ colors — yellow buttons, like the buttons on their overalls, and brown buttons, like that of their shoes.

The Wii Remote Plus can be used with the original Wii console as well as the newer Wii U console. Out on Nov. 21, they willbe available individually at ¥3,800, or as a set for ¥5,800. They also go on sale at the same time as “Super Mario 3D World,” which is one of the most exciting games in the Mario series yet.


Of gods and monsters

Giant monsters and huge swords: Sound familiar? It’s no wonder that when “God Eater” was first revealed, it was written off as a “Monster Hunter” clone.

But even if the game’s box-art does look a little like that of “Monster Hunter,” don’t dismiss it as merely a copy.

The influences are undeniable, no doubt, but there are major differences between “God Eater” and “Monster Hunter”: The swords, for example, can transform into a shield, a giant mouth, or even a gun. “God Eater” gameplay is also faster, and many players rave about its engaging storyline. That’s why there is significant buzz about the upcoming “God Eater 2.” It’s one of this fall’s most anticipated games in Japan.

“God Eater 2” will be available for the PS Vita and the PlayStation Portable. What’s more, the game allows cross-platform multiplayer play between the PS Vita and PSP, which keeps everyone in the increasingly rabid “God Eater” fan base happy. And that’s important.

“God Eater 2” will be released on Nov. 14 and both the PS Vita and PSP versions will be ¥5,980 each.

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