Haruko "Big Momma" Iino, an independent public relations consultant, became one of Japan's first female advertising account executives back in the 1980s. Even before working at advertising agencies Chuo Senko and Dentsu Eye, the now 63-year-old Iino had understood the potential of the luxury fashion market and ultimately created phenomenally successful advertising campaigns for Ferragamo, Loewe, Bally, Givenchy, Porsche, BMW, and the like that helped generate the all-consuming brand boom that has taken over Japan. Having retired at age 60, she continues to take on advertising projects that make a difference to both consumers and herself, not in terms of profit margin but happiness quota. She says she has already received more than her fair share of bliss with the two daughters whom she raised alone and is still close to.

Tougher competition means more fun. For every ad campaign I did, my rivals were the smartest and toughest people in the industry, and yet with every presentation I made, I always got the account. I looked impeccable, yet I have never used my feminine power as a weapon. In Japan, where women were serving tea at the time, I was working in a man's world, and I fit right in; maybe because my brain functions like a man's yet I know fashion much more than the guys.

Women do not need to be scared of motherhood over 40. My mother was a movie star, and she had me when she was 40 years old. I see many women around the world having healthy babies later in life. It is time to support and encourage older women who are considering childbirth, instead of frightening them.