"This country is so vast, with a spectrum from game parks to beaches and everything in between. There's so much to do outdoors, and nature is all around you. You can go walking up Table Mountain, go swimming, mountain-biking, picnicking, wine-tasting. You're not governed by the weather, as more than half the year is warm to hot. There's no excuse not to make the most of what is around you."

Gordon Shin Guy finds joy in his Cape Town life. He enthuses over his visits to Kirstenbosch, its extensive gardens and sunset concerts. He plans his outings to mountains, rivers and capes, where he is eager to identify unusual birds and native plants. Going to the V. and A. Waterfront, a city showpiece, an exciting mall of upbeat shops and restaurants and entertainment areas, is, he says, a treat. At the same time, he says that he misses Japan and England and his family very much. "But think of the crowds in Japan and the U.K.," he said. "Here it takes me 10 minutes to drive to work. The quality of my life is vastly improved."

Gordon was born in Tokyo in 1968, the first of three boys in his family. His English father and his Japanese mother had met in Spain. His father, Stan, became a banker in Tokyo and then in England, and eventually a full-time novelist. His mother, Kayoko, became a specialist in fine arts.