TV | CHANNEL SURF Jul 1, 2016

'Doctor X'; 'The Man With the Divine Tongue" Kagome

by Philip Brasor

Ryoko Yonekura returns as the genius freelance surgeon Dr. Michiko Daimon in a special two-hour installment of "Doctor X" (TV Asahi, Sun., 9 p.m.). Michiko happens to be in Kanazawa when national politician Aiko Ichinose (Kayako Kishimoto) collapses on the street after an intimate interlude ...

TV | CHANNEL SURF May 13, 2016

'Angel or Devil,' 'Cambrian Palace," Y!mobile

by Philip Brasor

Recently, an artificial intelligence program developed by Google defeated several champions of the Asian board game go. The program's achievement made headlines all over the world since go is considered a very complex game. The programmers, in fact, thought it would take much longer ...