As Mutek gears up for its third edition in Japan, the festival, which originated in Montreal and now runs in regular installments around the world, looks set to deliver its most robust offering in Tokyo to date.

Seeking to celebrate both digital creativity and electronic music, this year's lineup boasts international heavyweights such as Laurel Halo, Fatima Al Qadiri and X-102 (Jeff Mills and Mike Banks), sitting alongside highly respected domestic artists like Kyoka, Ryo Murakami and Sapphire Slows.

But while some individual names jump out immediately, the program's strength of depth really lies in the combinations and pairings of artists who are working together — from semi-regular collaborators such as renowned sonic engineers Rashad Becker and Ena, to more unknown quantities like beatmaker Daisuke Tanabe and face-mapping visual technician Nobumichi Asai.