“Circus Circus — Welcome to the World of Dream !”



Staff Writer

Kids used to dream of running away with the circus, drawn by the acrobats, animals and clowns, the bright costumes and traveling lifestyle. All that imagery is still associated with fun, even though there are few circuses in existence today.

“Circus Circus” brings together the work of artists who were attracted to that exciting itinerant lifestyle during its heyday. Presenting paintings and prints from France, Italy and Japan, the exhibition includes the first public showing in Japan of “Clown” by Kees van Dongen (1877-1968), one of the first Fauvist artists of the early 20th century; June 29 till Sep. 2.

Menard Art Museum; (0568) 75-5787; 5-250, Komaki, Aichi; Iwakura Station, Meitetsu Inuyama Line. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥800. Closed Mon. museum.menard.co.jp.