Shoen Uemura (1875-1949) was the first woman in the history of Japan to win the Order of Culture for her contribution to nihonga (Japanese painting). She is particularly famous for her depictions of elegant Japanese women.

Her successful career was built on persistent hard work and she continuously perfected her skills, even in the face of failure. The exhibition focuses on paintings she completed during the Taisho Era (1912-26), when her career took a drastic turn, and sheds light on the development of her painting style.

Featured works include "Yang Guifei," which Uemura is believed to have completed soon after overcoming the biggest dip in her career, and "Kesho no Zu" ("Picture of Makeup"); till July 8.

Shohaku Art Museum; (0742) 41-6666; 2-1-4, Tomigaoka, Nara; Gakuenekimae Station, Kintetsu Nara Line. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥1,000. Closed Mon.