Keeping true to form, the latest edition of Ganban Night sees the event bring across an overseas DJ who is both genre defying and currently favored by the hipster crowd. London-based Graeme Sinden is a DJ known for sets that fly through genres ranging from house to techno to hip-hop to dubstep and beyond, and for mixing an enormous number of tracks in a short space of time (often he fits 25 or so tracks into an hour — compare that to the usual 12 for most house DJs.)

The sound that Sinden ends up with, often called “fidget house,” has deep — if unintentional — connections to the big beat genre, and in particular Fatboy Slim. A set will often include a large number of anthems from a number of genres, tied together by techno made by fidget house’s main producers — Switch, Crookers and Sinden, as part of the duos Herve and Sinden, and The Count and Sinden — to name a few. The music is certain to attract a large number of people to the dance floor, but moving from techno to dubstep in a matter of minutes may lead some to leave just as quickly.

Sinden started producing in 2006 after befriending fellow DJ Switch, who taught him the tools of the trade. Since then, he has teamed up with other producers to create tracks that combine elements of breaks, house, techno and rave and has received praise from critics and clubbers alike. His latest single, “Mega,” released in July and produced as a part of the duo The Count and Sinden, has found its way onto dance floors worldwide, recently getting a play in Tokyo’s Womb club by the Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, as well as just about every other DJ in town. With a new album out next year and remixes under his belt for artists as diverse as Bjork, Basement Jaxx and EPMD, the night is likely to feature never-before-heard tracks and a raucous dance floor.

“Ganban Night Break on Through Vol. 14 featuring Sinden” takes place at Warehouse 702 in Tokyo on Oct. 9 and Club Karma in Osaka on Oct. 11. Tickets cost ¥4,000. Sinden will also play Asagiri Jam on Oct. 10.