An exhibition of woodblock prints by Seiichi Suzuki is on show until Sept. 10 at Za Gallery Bunkyo in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

"Man From a Nova" by Seiichi Suzuki (2001)

Suzuki's work is themed on "nature," inspired by his belief that economic development led people to lose sight of what is really important.

Nature is often used to mean landscape as yet untouched by man, but another meaning might embrace all creation -- including humans. Today the first sense is most common, with nature viewed as incompatible with human activity. Through his works Suzuki is trying to reclaim the second meaning, and to reconnect man with the natural world.

Suzuki studied at Nihon University College of Art until 1992 and went on to graduate school, where he majored in printmaking. He has held a number of solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Bright with color, his works depict flowers, fruits, fish and other living things. The 20 prints included in this exhibition were created using watercolors on washi, Japanese handmade paper made of natural materials.

Taking in Suzuki's works offers the opportunity to have a dialogue with nature -- and maybe rediscover what is truly important.