Irish Japanese chef and nutritionist Dan Martin, 33, was born in rural Gifu Prefecture, and spent his childhood and teenage years in England. After developing his culinary skills at restaurants in the U.K. and Europe, he moved back to Japan in 2020 and established Sankaku Nutrition, a personal chef and nutritionist service for Tokyo’s international community.

1. How did you end up as a personal chef for Tokyo’s international community? My wife and I lived in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, where I worked as a chef. After having our first child, we moved to her hometown in Saitama, just outside of Tokyo, to get help from her family. From there, I could also offer my culinary and nutrition services to Tokyo's expatriate community.

2. What does an average work day look like? I tailor menus to fit my clients’ health goals, dietary needs and tastes. Once the menu is finalized, I cook the meals in their home while they're busy with work. The prepared meals are then stored in their refrigerator, providing them with convenient and nutritious options throughout the week, whilst freeing up their time for other endeavors.