If you don’t have any plans for Golden Week, what would you have done? And what do you recommend other people do?


Chiki Rawat
Accountant, 30s, India
As of now I don’t have any plans. If I had money and time, though, I would like to see those places in Japan that I have not seen as yet, like Tateyama. I’d like to see the snow walls there with my family and some friends. I hope that everyone can eat and rest well during the holidays.


Ria Fujimoto
IT, 20, Philippines
I don’t have any special plans, I’ll just relax at home and hang out with friends, though I may go to Universal Studios Japan. If I had the time and money I would go to Bali with my newborn daughter. I’ve seen Bali on TV and it seems very beautiful. My message to everyone is that they should get some rest during Golden Week.


Santiago Eduardo Arevala Mendoza
U.S. Navy, 21, Florida
My plans for Golden Week are to show my friends around. If we had time and money we’d get a hotel and explore even more, eat good food, buy souvenirs and definitely take pictures as I got to make memories about everything. Honestly, it’s good to make time to explore.


Matthew Monaghan
Gardener, 50, Australia
I have been looking at websites and trying to make bookings but everything is so expensive during Golden Week. So, I’ve decided to relax at home. If I had the time and money, though, I would like to go to Hiroshima. Instead, I recommend going to the movies or relaxing in some other way at home.


Juliana Palma
36, Brazil
I have plans to go to Russia with my husband and two children. If I had more time, though, I would definitely want to go back home to Brazil to spend some quality time with my family and friends. My advice for this Golden Week is to enjoy yourself because life is short — and don’t work too much!


Maximo Blanco
Wrestling coach, 35, Venezuela
For Golden Week this year, I would like to relax and spend quality time with my family. If I had the time and the money, though, then I would like to fly to some island, like Guam or Hawaii, for a relaxing vacation with my family. I hope everyone has a fun break and enjoys their holidays.


Photos by Megha Wadhwa

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