Views from Saitama students: What are your post-graduation hopes and dreams?

Sakurako Misaka, 19
Ideally, I want to be rich when I graduate from university, and I would also like to live in London.

Saki Kawakubo, 19
I would like to go to South Korea, just because I like it, and I would also like to get married, because I do not want to work.

Yuta Sakamoto, 19
I like both judo and mathematics, but after graduation I would like to be a mathematics teacher — or perhaps a judo teacher as well.

Yuehang Sui, 22
I’d like to go on to be a graduate student while running an online business on the side. After that I’d like to be a Japanese interpreter.

Yu Namiki, 19
After graduation I would like to move to Hawaii so I can use English and work in an international environment over there.

Yuta Ono, 19
My future dream is to become a track and field athlete, as I love to run. So, I will exercise as much as possible from now on.

Xiang Li, 19
After graduation I would like to get a job working in a company related to the gaming industry.

Ikumi Nozaki, 19
I would like to join the Self-Defence Forces as I admire them. I’d like to be an aircraft maintenance technician because I like planes.

Konomi Osato, 19
I’d like to study French and live and work in Belgium in a chocolate shop, because I love chocolate and Belgian chocolate is delicious.

Yurika Nishikawa, 19
I would really like to become the manager of a cafe in the future, and to be able to live in France.

Tamon Nakagawara, 21
When I finish university, I would like to do a job in which I can speak to foreign residents using a foreign language.

Mana Kimura, 20
I would like to improve my English and speak it well enough to be able to work using the language.

Yoko Murakami, 19
I want to move away from Japan in the future and live in South Korea, and be able to use the Korean language.

Maiki Shimabukuro, 19
I want to work in a financial company after university and to invest independently in the stock market.

Yajing Wang, 20
After graduation I want to be a graduate student studying international communication, while also being a cosplay dancer, in Japan.

Misa Hamatani, 18
I’d like to be a wedding planner after I graduate, as I would like to celebrate the happiness of newly married couples with them.

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