Osaka: What’s the best thing you can buy with ¥500?


Josh Grengs
Translator, 30 (American)
A train ticket to Yamazaki for the whisky tour, or any five things from Lawson Store 100.

Tsuyoshi Miyazaki
Salaryman, 33 (Japanese)
An otsukare set [a set with finger foods and a draft beer]. You can order these sets at most small izakaya [Japanese pubs].

Fujiko Tateishi
Orthopedic clinic receptionist, 34
You can visit a traditional Japanese farm for ¥500 (the Nihon Minka Shuraku Hakubutsukan (Open-Air Museum Of Old Japanese Farm Houses)), the Osaka Science Museum for ¥400, The Museum Of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka, for ¥500, Sorakuen Garden for ¥300, Rokkosan Pasture in Kobe for ¥500 or Tennoji Zoo in Osaka for ¥500.

Jun Piesse
University professor, 34 (Australian)
Four pieces of Norwegian frozen salted mackerel for ¥370 at Gyomu supermarket. Yakiniku bentō [beef box lunch] from Yakinikuhonpo in Tanimachi 9-chome.

Yumie Ichishiba
Deaf Association volunteer, 50 (Japanese)
There are many local small sentō [public baths] in the neighborhood that cost ¥410.

Megumi Tanaka
Hairstylist, 31 (Japanese)
Ramen! A new Ippudo ramen shop opened in Umeda. The ramen is on sale!

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