Tokyo: If today was your last day on Earth, what on Earth would you do?

Shintaro Horiki
Barman, 33 (Japanese)
I would do as I always do — no real changes for me. I would stay home or go to work, to sleep — same as always, except perhaps for one thing: I always take one hour to get home after finishing work, but if it was my last day on Earth, I would take two.

Jakob Luttenberger
Student, 21 (Austrian)
I would be sitting at a bar with a drink — perhaps many drinks, something strong I think — and reflecting on my life wherever it is I happen to learn that I have 24 hours to live. Hopefully that would be in Japan, but anywhere is OK — best with nice company, of course.

Clarice Pereira
Project assistant manager, 23 (American)
I would try to bring my family to Japan, as this is paradise. Everything here is just amazing. The people are super nice, everything is clean and organized, and such is Japan that no single word can properly describe it.

Trent Anderson
University teacher, 38 (American)
I would definitely drink a lot of Japanese sake, eat a lot, particularly Kobe beef, and also go and watch a J.League soccer game in Yokohama — all with my lovely wife, of course. After that I think we would end the night in a love hotel!

Satoko Sugawa
Interior design, 44 (Japanese)
For me I would like my last day to be a regular day, at home, playing with my pet cat, Sora, just relaxing around the house, pretty much as I would on any day off. Maybe a couple of beers in the evening would be good, with some delicious food.

Kazunori Homma
Pilot, 35 (Japanese)
I would want to find a person I can fall in love with and spend my next existence with after I am reincarnated — if that actually does happen — as I am a romantic kind of guy. I would also like to be born in Japan next time around.

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