Patrick Coulon, 33
Environmentalist (French)
I think he has impressed more than disappointed. For the French, it seems like he is trying to create a solid social security system like we have in France, but that is really the only thing I know about his first (term to date).

Kelsey Aguirre, 30
Kindergarten teacher (American)
Obama has done the best he could with the mess he was handed from the (George W.) Bush presidency. Some people seem to expect the deficit, health care and unemployment to just magically fix themselves almost overnight, but I’m hoping people will see that this is impossible and re-elect him.

Yutaka Fujita, 47
Insurance underwriter (Japanese)
Impressed. He will come off his first term with no real problems, despite the criticism from his opponents. This shows U.S. society is healthy. I envy Americans, about to elect a president after four years of service. During Obama’s first term, Japan has had four prime ministers, with a fifth coming soon.

Raina Hayashi, 26
Personnel officer (Japanese)
Barack Obama has some brilliant ideas, a great personality, and is helping countries wanting to stop global warming. He also believes nuclear weapons should be eliminated, which would be great for the world as a whole. I think overall, his ideas have had a good impact on Japan.

Tim Vossen, 29
Web developer (American)
I think he has been OK so far, as jobs are increasing, and his stance on (supporting) gay marriage is to be admired and indicates he is for equal rights for all, even though that legislation is still applied state by state at present.

Akim White, 37
Teacher/JIN Radio DJ (American)
He hasn’t been perfect, but all in all he’s done what he said he would, including winding down the Iraq war, passing health care reform and getting help for people with difficult mortgages. Add in (killing) Osama bin Laden and gays being allowed to serve in the military and the resume looks even better.

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