Sapporo: What's so great about winter in Hokkaido?

Charles Harrison
Company director, 28 (Australian)
Aside from the amazing snow, the variety of people in Hokkaido is great. I’ve been in and out of Hokkaido now for four years but I love it so much I’d like to base myself here.

Kanami Anderson
Assistant editor, 28 (Canadian)
Like everyone else I’m here for the snow. I lived around Whistler, which is amazing but you have to fight for tracks. In Hokkaido, if you just make a little bit of an effort, there’s great snow everywhere!

Dylan Kratt
Hotel manager, 25 (American)
I used to live on Honshu, in Osaka, where it’s 40 degrees every day through the summer. I also lived in Nagano, which was OK, but Hokkaido’s where it’s at. The food, the snow, the people are great.

Indy filmmaker, 34 (Canadian)
Well, despite all the snow it isn’t that cold. Canada gets much colder at night and often warmer in the day too, which destroys the snow. Here the temperature’s perfect so the powder lasts and lasts.

Masafumi Ochi
Salesman, 26 (Japanese)
When the snow falls the illumination is simply beautiful, and the food up here is great too. The sushi in Hokkaido is completely different to Honshu’s — it’s so much better!

Jordan Dickson
Guest services, 24 (Australian)
Easily the snow! If you love the snow, why would you be anywhere else? The atmosphere here in Hokkaido and the pace of life is also very different to Honshu.

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