Baha'i outreach

MN thanks us for writing about her community (Lifelines, Sept. 21).

"Just in case Janice or other readers are interested, there is a small but active Baha'i community in the Kansai area. Janice can find out more by e-mailing [email protected] or Brett Keeman, the caretaker of the Amagasaki Baha'i Center ([email protected]) or by telephoning the National Office at (03) 3209-7521, where there is often someone on duty who can speak English."

Also, NM of the Pioneer and Travel Teaching Desk (Japan) says he serves in a capacity where he can address questions and concerns of English-speaking Baha'is in or coming to Japan, and would be happy if Janice or any other interested party wants to contact him at [email protected].