Who is your favorite Japanese politician?

Julian Lambert, 40
IT manager (Aussie)

I like (ex-PM) Junichiro Koizumi because he has an endearing character, an inspirational hairstyle, and he defies convention. If your heart is on strike, he’s the strike breaker.


Ayumi Nishiguchi, 24
Music teacher

I really like Koizumi because he’s warm-hearted, and his manifestos were forward-thinking and benefited the people. He was also very entertaining.


Hisanori Uchida, 43

Ex-Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was a self-made man from a poor family who only had a primary school education. Unlike some, he didn’t get his job through nepotism.


Soyogu Aoki, 31
Company employee

Former Democratic Party of Japan leader Seiji Maehara gave the party a youthful and refreshing image, although his term only lasted a few months.

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