Jennifer Kennedy
Mother (Canadian)

I hope it negatively affects the Olympics and I think people should boycott all Chinese goods and products to send out a strong message to Beijing.

Ikuya Enomoto
Designer, 32

I think it will have both negative and positive effects. China and Tibet have a complicated history, and I’m not sure I know enough about it give an informed opinion on what should happen.

Sarah Bassarab
Admin, 26 (Canadian)

I think Beijing is strong enough and capable enough to handle any threats. In the end, I don’t think there will be any strong or negative affects from the protests on the Olympics.

Bill Lawson
ALT/teacher, 34 (American)

Tibet has been under the radar for a long time now, and China has been given a pretty free rein. I hope the protests affect the Olympics, at least by putting pressure on Beijing.

Elizabeth Beatty
HR/admin, 25 (American)

I don’t think there will be countries or athletes that boycott the Games. It may be too early for it to have a big impact. I think it will just amount to bad PR for China.

Hideko Miyahara
Computer programmer, 45

I think the Tibet issue should have a negative effect on the Olympics in China. I doubt that China can appreciate the real meaning of the Olympics with such a position on Tibet.

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