A movement to keep the channel is developing throughout Japan in reaction to the announcement by News Broadcasting Japan that the 24-hour news service Foxnews will cease operations at the end of July.

The only 24-hour news in Japan that is not edited -- both CNN and BBC add Asian programming to their U.S.-based lineup -- Foxnews broadcasts the same programming as its parent in the U.S.

Supporters of the channel argue that the network is not garnering subscribers and advertising because of bad marketing.

According to some supporters, the question touches on an even greater problem in Japan -- the lack of a foreign owned and operated TV network.

Japanese communities abroad usually have their own newspapers, magazines, radio and TV networks.

Calls for keeping Foxnews on the air in Japan have been accompanied by calls to have one of the satellite channels devoted to the international community, much like the Japanese channels overseas, with local news and information by and for the international community.

Previously, with very strict ownership laws, such an idea was virtually impossible, but with the advent of satellite broadcasting the 'Japanese only' ownership has been dropped, and now a channel for the international community is possible.

Indeed, immediately after the opening up of Japan in 1859, there was a lively English language media, owned and operated by and written for the international community.

At the beginning of the Pacific War these outlets were shutdown and were never resurrected.

But there is some hope now that the mobilization of support for Foxnews may translate into a drive for dedicated English TV service.

For information check out: www.internationalchannel.jp