Once again, so many Japanese have been torched online in 2023 for being tone-deaf.

The chairman of Keidanren, for example, when asked in December about political donations to the Liberal Democratic Party amounting to ¥2.4 billion annually, asked, "What is the problem?” In August, the president of Nihon University, whose football team’s members were arrested for violating the Cannabis Control Law, initially stated, "We have never found any illegal drugs or anything like that.”

Things are the same in the private sector. In July, the president of Bigmotor, a major used car sales company that was found to have filed fraudulent insurance claims, said that using a golf ball to damage a vehicle was "an affront to golf lovers." A Takarazuka Revue executive said in November, "Show us evidence" in response to the family's claim that bullying was the cause of the death of their daughter who was a member of the troupe.