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Amber-entombed flower may have been toxic

World / Science & Health Mar 12, 2016

Amber-entombed flower may have been toxic

Do not let its beauty fool you. A newly identified and exquisitely preserved flower found entombed in amber — fossilized tree sap — may have packed quite a punch. Scientists announced recently the discovery of the flower that lived 20 million to 30 million years ...

World / Science & Health Feb 28, 2015

Animal body sizes tend to increase in over time

Renowned 19th-century American paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope proposed "Cope's Rule," hypothesizing that animal lineages tend to increase in body size over time. The dinosaur fossils he dug up in the American West seemed to bear this out. However, Cope was not infallible. In a mistake ...

Plastic debris damages marine environment

World / Science & Health Dec 27, 2014

Plastic debris damages marine environment

There are plastic shopping bags, bottles, toys, action figures, bottle caps, pacifiers, tooth brushes, boots, buckets, deodorant roller balls, umbrella handles, fishing gear, toilet seats and so much more. Plastic pollution is pervasive in Earth's oceans. Researchers recently unveiled what they called the most scientifically ...

Fossils shed light on origins of mammals

World / Science & Health Oct 18, 2014

Fossils shed light on origins of mammals

It may not have been the friendliest place for furry little creatures, but three newly identified squirrel-like mammals thrived in the trees of the Jurassic Period, with dinosaurs walking below and flying reptiles soaring above. Scientists recently announced the discovery in China of fossils belonging ...