Vartan Oskanian

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Commentary / World Oct 9, 2014

The best interests of the Caucasian talk circle

The Caucasus is among the world's most divided and incoherent regions, as the three republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia have failed to learn, economically or politically, from similarly linked groups of countries such as the Baltic states. Is it too late for the ...

Reader Mail Dec 8, 2011

Defense official deserves respect

Regarding the Dec. 2 editorial "Abominable remark over Futenma": Perhaps the comment of the now former Okinawa Defense Bureau chief, Satoshi Tanaka, should be taken with a translation of "screwed over" rather than "raped". In which case his comment would suggest that the Japanese ...

Commentary / World Nov 28, 2010

The Caucasus imperative in summit season

YEREVAN, Armenia — Following the Group of 20 meetings in Seoul and the NATO summit in Portugal, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will hold its first summit in 10 years in Astana, Kazakhstan's spanking new capital city. This is only the fourth ...

Commentary / World Mar 16, 2010

Unsnarl the Armenia-Turkey-Azerbaijan jam

YEREVAN, Armenia — Will Turkey's current turmoil between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the country's powerful army complicate and delay the country's boldest initiatives in years — the moves to address decades-old tensions with both Armenians and Kurds? Restructuring the role of Turkey's army ...

Reader Mail Sep 27, 2009

Short shrift to suicide prevention

Regarding the Sept. 20 article "Now suicide has become a political issue, how will Japan address it?": It is refreshing to see an article on suicide in Japan focus on the fact that it takes political will for any nation to bring about any ...