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Miro's best critic shows with stars of Surrealism

Art Feb 23, 2005

Miro's best critic shows with stars of Surrealism

"Drifting Objects of Dreams: The Collection of Shuzo Takiguchi" is an exhibition which features the diversity of this famous Japanese artist and a host of collaborators. Though it started in the West, the Surrealist movement was expansive and noone, not even its founder-cum-leader Andre ...

Liberate your mind and art

Art Dec 1, 2004

Liberate your mind and art

The conductor walks away. The crowd applauds. Beethoven's 5th? A moving rendition by the orchestra? Eric Satie? Closer, but wrong again. The performer is Ben Patterson and he's just completed George Maciunas' "Solo for Conductor." For this, he bent over to face the audience, ...

Evoking the mystery of the world

Art Jul 24, 2002

Evoking the mystery of the world

René Magritte's mustache, torso attached plunders a wet hat. "Negative Scenery" (1992) by Shozo Torii Magritte's playful and rich imagination caught the imagination of a number of Japanese poets, and their writings were my first introduction to the artist's work. A new exhibition at ...

Offspring of poetry's artistic polygamy

Art May 15, 2002

Offspring of poetry's artistic polygamy

Several events this month platform the spoken and written words in new combinations: An exhibition of Japanese and French "visual poetry" opens May 15; poetry marries improvisational live jazz and shakuhachi performance; and a book launch for an anthology of new writing offers readings, ...

A night traveler crossing the border of art and literature

Art Dec 19, 2001

A night traveler crossing the border of art and literature

For many Japanese writers and artists of the 1920s and '30s, Surrealism was simply a stylistic novelty. Poet Shuzo Takiguchi, however, produced Surrealist writings whose message was lent conviction by the risks he took -- at the time, artistic and political freedoms were restricted. ...

Stage Oct 17, 2001

Rock to the Beat that goes on

Jack Kerouac died a drinker's death Oct. 21, 1969, many years after reaching fame with his novels "On the Road" and "Dharma Bums," which inspired generations to follow. To mark his death and to celebrate his life, The Doors in Tokyo's Shinjuku district is ...

Art Aug 15, 2001

A 'subversive' finally brought in from the cold

In 1953, Kansuke Yamamoto wrote: "The surreal exists within the real. Tireless experimentation with new photography leads to the creation of a new beauty." "Variation of 'Buddhist Temple's Birdcage' " from 1940 Just what Yamamoto (1914-87), one of Japan's most devoted experimental artists, meant by ...

Art Jun 6, 2001

American poet wins Chuya Nakahara Prize

Chuya Nakahara (1907-1937) was a master at using the 7-5 syllabic meter in the nontraditional, free-verse shi style. His birthplace, the city of Yamaguchi, has established the annual Chuya Nakahara Prize and a memorial library where his papers are collected to be preserved and ...

Books | POETRY MIGNETTE Apr 18, 2001

Poet forging links from East to West

The longest running English poetry journal in Japan, Poetry Nippon, was founded in the fall of 1967. Edited by Sapporo-based poet and translator Yorifumi Yaguchi, it has helped forge links between Japanese, British and American poetry for over 30 years. Yorifumi Yaguchi and William ...