Tatsuo Ito

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Kaieda: foreign cash buys 'effective'

Business Oct 27, 2010

Kaieda: foreign cash buys 'effective'

The Bank of Japan may want to consider buying foreign currency assets to help ease the yen's appreciation, economic and fiscal policy minister Banri Kaieda said. "Such purchases can be an option for the central bank over the medium to long term," Kaieda said in ...

Business Jun 17, 2010

Kan may need ¥7 trillion tax hike

Prime Minister Naoto Kan may have to raise taxes by as much as ¥7 trillion to fulfill his pledge to cap bond sales in coming years, according to an independent adviser to the government. Kan has committed to holding new bond sales to ¥44.3 trillion ...

Numerical target eyed for fiscal austerity goal

Business Mar 25, 2010

Numerical target eyed for fiscal austerity goal

The government's fiscal plan to be released by June may include a numerical goal for reducing the ratio of debt to gross domestic product, national strategy minister Yoshito Sengoku said. "We need to consider steadily reducing the accumulated long-term public debt relative to GDP once ...

Business Nov 18, 2009

Deflation concern rises even as growth quickens

The acceleration of the economy to its fastest pace of growth in more than two years masked a slide in prices of goods and services that threatens to temper the recovery. The domestic demand deflator, a measure of price levels that excludes the cost of ...

Profits still possible with yen at 92 to dollar: Sakurai

Business Dec 9, 2008

Profits still possible with yen at 92 to dollar: Sakurai

Japanese companies can remain profitable if the yen trades around 92 to the dollar, according to Masamitsu Sakurai, head of the nations second-largest business lobby. "While its difficult to endure abrupt currency swings, its manageable if the currency stays at the current level," Sakurai, 66, ...